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1. Participation in each tournament is open to all CBL members in good standing. Memberships are limited to 50 teams (100 members) each season. Priority is given to those that had a paid membership the previous season. A new “CBL Team Application” form must be filled out prior to competing in tournaments. One team application must be submitted each season.

2. At least one team member must be 18 years or older. A team consists of no more than two anglers. The CBL reserves the right to ask any team that is found to be overly qualified to move up and fish at the next level, and not participate in the CBL events. Final decision of all contestants being allowed to participate will be at the tournament director’s discretion, and or the CBL Advisory Board. A team with one or more members whose primary source of income is derived from completive bass fishing or operating a professional bass fishing guide service will be deemed ineligible.

3. It is the sole responsibility of the boat owner to carry and have proof of $100,000 in liability insurance covering them and passengers. Contestants are required to have in their possession and be able to provide proof of insurance at the request of the Tournament Director. All contestants are required to sign a “CBL Team Application” form holding the CBL, its director and/or his designee and volunteers harmless from all rights, claims, demands, and damages of any kind, known or unknown, existing or arising in the future resulting from or related to participation in the CBL.

4. There is a $50 per season membership fee per angler to fish in the CBL team tournaments. The membership fee covers the entry fee/prize money for the top 25 teams in Angler-of-the-Year (AOY) points that qualify for the end of the season Tournament of Champions (TOC).

5. The entry fee for each tournament is $100 per boat with $10 going towards big fish. There is no big fish “option”. Everyone is included. 100% payback on big fish. A big fish tie splits the prize money. Entry fees are paid the morning of the tournament and must be paid in cash.

6. Cash payouts are based on the number of boats. CBL pays out to 20% of the field for the 6 regular season events. Example: 20-24 boats pays out to 4th place. 25-29 boats pays out to 5th place. Tournament trophies will also be awarded to the winning team. The TOC pays out to the top 4 teams in the 25-boat field. Trophies are also warded to the TOC champions. 

7. Angler-of-the-Year (AOY) will be determined by the point standings at the end of the season. A team's best 5 of 6 tournaments will be used to determine the AOY. Cash prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in AOY points. Trophies will be awarded to the AOY championship team. AOY points tie is broken by big fish for the season.

8. The 7th event of the season is a Tournament of Champions (TOC) where the top 25 teams in AOY points will earn an invitation to compete. A season membership fee of $50 per angler will be required to join the CBL.  There will be no entry fee for the TOC.  The season membership fees will cover the entry fee/prize money for the top 25 teams that qualify for the TOC.  If there is a tie in points for the 25th place qualifying spot for the TOC, the team’s big fish for the season will serve as the tiebreaker.  If neither team weighed a big fish for the season, the team with the highest total weight for their best 5 events advances to the TOC.  Trophies will be awarded to the TOC champions and prize money will be paid out to the top 4 teams.

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