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Christian Bass League

The Christian Bass League (CBL) is in its 15th year operating out of the Mother Lode Region of central California.  We fish a variety of waters from September through April.  The CBL is a non-profit organization that conducts team tournaments at a reasonable cost.  Entry fee includes big fish money.  Prize money is based on the number of boats and we pay back 100% for big fish.  Points are awarded for each of the 6 tournaments and Angler-of-the-Year (AOY) is based on your best 5 of 6 finishes.  Prize money and trophies are awarded for AOY.  The 7th event of the season is a Tournament of Champions (TOC) where the top 25 teams in AOY points earn an invitation to compete. There will be no entry fee for the TOC.  The season membership fees cover the entry fee/prize money for teams that qualify for the TOC.


For further information, please contact us at

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