2019 Season 

It’s been a great 2019 season for the CBL.  Thank you to everyone that came out to support our events.  The CBL will hold its final tournament of the season at Don Pedro on April 27th when we will also present the season ending Angler-of-the-Year award.  If you have not signed up yet, please do so and we will add you to the list.   

Hope to see everyone there.  Sign up now.  


Pedro - 1/13/18

Congratulations to the team of Greg Cox & Angelo Quinolo who took top honors with 14.26 pounds.  

Pedro 11/10/18

McClure 2/17/18

New Melones 10/13/18

Tulloch - 9/23/17

Delta  3/10/18

Delta- March 16, 2019

Pedro 9/22/18

Delta  4/14/18

Tracy & Ray Patton finished in fourth place with a total of 12.52 pounds. 

2018 Season


Pedro - 11/11/17

Delta 3/16/19

Christian Bass League

Lloyd & Larry Flores finished third with 12.62 pounds including the tournament big fish of 4.80 pounds.  

The team of Jaime Caratachera & Alvin Borba took home the Valley Air Conditioning & Repair "Smallest 5-Fish Limit" award with a total weight of 9.82 pounds. 

Delta - 10/14/17

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Mark 1:17.."come and I will make you fishers of men".

The team of Dan Sexton & Nate Couchman finished in second place with a total of 12.82 pounds.  

Pedro 1/12/19