McClure 2/17/18

Congratulations to the team of Eric Habit & Nick Barse on their first place finish with 14.98 pounds including a 4.54 pound big fish.    

CBL 2019 Season

The team of Kirk Sakamoto & Keith Friesen followed up last months second place finish with another second weighing 14.82 pounds.

Pedro - 1/13/18

New Melones 10/13/18

Tracy & Ray Patton finished third with 12.62 pounds and are now the points leaders for the 2020 "Angler of the Year" title.  

     New Melones  - November 16th

The tourament big fish weighing 5.06 pounds went to the team of Ronnie Heil & AJ Moitoso. 


Pedro 9/21/19

Tulloch - 9/23/17

Pedro 9/22/18

Pedro - 11/11/17

Jaime Caratachara & Alvin Borba finished fourth with 12.06 pounds.

​​​The CBL held its third event of the 2019 season at New Melones on November 16th.  The team of Eric Habit & Nick Barse topped the field of 30 teams to take top honors  with a total of 14.98 pounds.  Second place went to the team of Kirk Skamoto & Keith Friesen with 14.82 pounds followed by the third place team of Tracy & Ray Patton with 12.62 pounds.  Forth place went to the team of Jaime Caratechara & Alvin Borba with 12.42 pounds followed by Howard Mori & Jeff Sorensen wth 11.42 pounds and Todd Hager & Perry Youngman with 11.40 pounds.  The team of AJ Moitoso & Ronnie Heil had the tournament big fish weighng 5.06 pounds. 

​The next stop for the CBL is at Don Pedro on January 11, 2020.  

Delta  4/14/18

Delta  3/10/18

Sixth place went to the team of Todd Hagar & Perry Youngman with 11.40 pounds.

Pedro 11/10/18

Fifth place went to CBL Director Howard Mori and some other guy with a total weigth of 11.42 pounds.

Christian Bass League

The team of Dave Meeks & Bruce Fetzer weighed an impressive sack totaling 5.42 pounds to capture the Valley Air Conditioning & Repair "Smallest 5-Fish Limit" award.  And again, we're still looking for the first two-time winner of this prestigious prize.

Pedro 1/12/19

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Mark 1:17.."come and I will make you fishers of men".

2018 Season

Delta 3/16/19

Delta - 10/14/17

New Molones - November 16, 2019

New Melones 11/16/19